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    Toilet replacement, Toilet installation or Toilet repairs are what Flush Masters does. If your toilet leaks, clogs once in a while, continuously runs, fills up slow or won't flush at all Flush Master toilets in lethbridge will come when needed. Toilet repairs in lethbridge can be confusing so we have some tips that we know will help. If the tips don't help, call us and we'll send someone fast. If you toilet is leaking, leaky toilets will cost you money every month, and water leaks can cause major damage that will cost lots for renovations. Flush Masters toilet repairs is what you need to stop any leaking. Call 403.332.3018

    Quick Toilet Repair Information:

    Clogged Toilets: You can use a plunger and that usually solves the problem, any questions on how to use a plunger just call us. If that doesn't work use a plumbers snake. 
    If all else fails call Flush Masters because you have a problem that needs us to look at it.

    Toilet Consistently Runs: Check the overflow tube in the toilet. Either the ballcock or the float cup needs adjustment. There is a clip, press down on it until the water stops running.
    If the toilet has a float cup, the clip for making adjustments will be located on the side of the float cup. If this doesn’t work make sure the refill tube on the toilet that goes from the fill tube to the overflow tube is above the overflow tube, not in it.
    If all else fails call Flush Masters as you probably have a defective fill valve seal that needs to be replaced.

    Slow Filling Toilet:Your toilets fill valve tube is probably clogged. Turn off the water valve for the toilet and access the toilet fill valve tube. Clear any junk inside the tube. If you reinstall the hardware and it doesn't work you need Flush Masters toilet repair.

    For more tips visit our FAQ page