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    Lethbridge sink repair, sink replacement and sink installation. At Flush Masters Plumbing & Drains we offer excellent sink plumbing services throughout the Lethbridge area, including the installation of new supply pipes, drains and kitchen sinks as well as faucets. Call 403.332.3018

    Over time sinks and bathtubs can show their age, start to leak, and look worn. Leaks can lead to costly repairs and cause damage to walls and flooring. We can ensure this doesn't happen to you. Call Flush Masters Plumbing & Drains to repair or replace your Sinks and Bathtubs to resolve a leaky fixture or to give your bathroom an great new look. From basic economy faucets and fixtures to high end luxury choices, we can repair or replace the products you have in your home.   We can always find parts required to retrofit any faucet or fixture.

    Lethbridge Sink Repair and Replacement Services Include:

    • Sink Installation
    • Faucet Installation
    • Sink Faucets
    • Tub Faucets
    • Bathroom Faucets
    • Water Faucet Repairs
    • Leaking Faucet Repair

    We Stand By Our Work 100%

    At Flush Masters Plumbing & Drains, we are confident in our craftsmanship and make every effort to ensure our work is performed properly and professionally. All labor and materials are covered by a comprehensive one-year warranty for plumbing repair services. Should any problem arise, you can count on our dependable plumbers to take care of it right away. Call Today!