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    Best techniques to unclog a toilet

    The flush toilet may be a miracle of modern plumbing, but when it doesn’t actually flush its contents away, things can get unpleasant. Luckily, unclogging a toilet is one of the more straightforward do-it-yourself plumbing jobs you can take on.[...]

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    Plumbing Tricks To Know Before Vacation

    When you're out of town, you don't want potential burglars to know your house is empty. Flush Masters Plumbing wants you to take the following precautions before leaving - make sure your home is ready for "vacation mode" Here's a list of [...]

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    Advice for fixing an overflowing toilet

    When your toilet is overflowing, what can you do? Flush Masters Plumbing has simple steps to help get this plumbing situation under control. Stay calm It’s difficult to do when your overflowing toilet is spilling water all over your [...]

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