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    At Flush Masters Plumbing & Drains we are about getting water in and out of your home, we know it directly impacts your business or families quality of life. We are locally owned and operated Plumbing in Lethbridge and have trusted Flush Masters journeyman plumbers with their needs. As a full service company we want to educate our customers through all repair or installation services we provide. 

    We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable, giving you options and letting you choose what you want us to do. Lethbridge needs plumbers and we do what we say we will do, stick to the prices we quote and you will even feel comfortable with us in your home. Our warranties and guarantees ensure the work long after we leave your home.

    Whether you're in need of an installation, a repair, or a replacement  for plumbing in Lethbridge- rest assured that the experienced team at Flush Masters Plumbing can handle the job! From complex water main replacement jobs, to simple water heaters repair, our trusted plumbers have the expertise and professionalism to handle any plumbing issue quickly and effectively.

    We're proud to offer a wide range of plumbing services in Lethbridge pertaining to repairs, remodels, and replacements.

    Licensed - Bonded - Insured